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      SID 4 系列(SID312、SID314)
          發(fā)布時(shí)間: 2023-03-27 16:05    

      - SID 4 四極繼電器
      帶有符合IEC 61810-3 A型的力導向觸點(diǎn),采用環(huán)保設計。

      SID 4 系列(SID312、SID314)



       - SID 4 系列
         SID 4 四極繼電器

      • 繼電器 帶強制導向觸點(diǎn) 符合IEC 61810-3型

      • 防護隔離(參見(jiàn):絕緣數據)

      • 適合PCB安裝



      • 每個(gè)通路串聯(lián)2個(gè)觸點(diǎn)的雙銜鐵繼電器

      • 僅可能有一個(gè)繼電器的雙通信性能

      • 元件可以貼裝在繼電器下方

      • 厚度僅10.9mm

      • 觸點(diǎn)組件

      新繼電器SID4系列是雙電樞繼電器,根據IEC61810-3,a型,配備了兩個(gè)獨立的強制導向觸點(diǎn)組。繼電器可用于功能安全的通道控制架構,例如SIL3(IEC 61061或Ple”(ISO 13849。


      具有兩個(gè)可比較的傳統繼電器解決方案相比,面積節省約22%。由于觸點(diǎn)組的內部布線(xiàn)和只有一個(gè)電磁線(xiàn)圈,PCB上的孔數20個(gè)減少到10個(gè)。與2SIF312相比,繼電器的塑含量可減少39%。繼電器重量減輕13%在繼電器殼體下為高度不超過(guò)約3 mm的部件創(chuàng )建了兩個(gè)裝配區域。相比之下,線(xiàn)圈功率可以減少約40%。額定功率為820毫瓦。線(xiàn)圈電壓為5伏直流電至110伏直流電。




      The new relay series SID4 is a double armature relay, which is equipped with two independent forcibly guided contact sets according to IEC 61810-3 type A. The relays can be used for example for 2-channel control architectures of functional safety e.g. SIL3 (IEC 61061) or Pl "e" (ISO 13849). Thus, among other things, 2-channel control architectures of functional safety, e.g. SIL3 (IEC 61061) or Pl "e" (ISO 13849) can be realised.


      The area saving compared to solutions with two comparable conventional relays is around 22%. Due to the internal wiring of the contact sets and only one solenoid coil, the number of holes on the PCB is reduced from 20 to 10. The plastic content of the relay could be reduced by 39% compared to 2 pieces of SIF312. (13% weight reduction of the relay) Two assembly areas for components up to a height of approx. 3 mm were created under the relay housing. In comparison, the coil power could be reduced by about 40%. The nominal power is 820 mW. Coil voltages from 5 VDC to 110 VDC are available.


      In addition to solder mounting, ELOPINS (press-fit technology) is available as a solderless mounting technique. The press-fit contacts ensure a gas-tight connection to the PCB. This goes hand in hand with high connection quality and saves resources, as there is no need for a soldering process.


      Approvals from UL and TüV are available.